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New Enhanced IV Therapy: Rea’s Plus

Watch as Dr. Taylor discusses Rea’s Plus IV Therapy.

Rea’s Plus combines the powerful benefits of Rea’s Cocktail with the addition of Zinc Chloride and Glutathione to help strengthen your immune system, reduce the effects of stress, and increase energy. 

We are currently offering Rea’s Plus IV Therapy at a discounted price until November 30. 2020. Contact us at 512.800.5309 to schedule your appointment today.

NAD+ Revitalize Your Mitochondria

NAD+   Key to Mitochondrial Function, Longevity, Peak Athletic Performance?

IV infusion of NAD+ is gaining popularity among athletes due to the observed mitochondria ATP production that follows.  Improvements in endurance, strength, stamina and athletic performance have been observed.

Treatments with combinations of vitamins and other nutrients by the intravenous or IV route of administration is gaining in use throughout the country.  Although still controversial, there are reasons to believe that the IV rout of nutrient administration offers some distinct advantages over diet and even oral vitamin and nutrient supplementation.  Since the blood stream carries your nutrients to your cells, there is no more direct or complete way to deliver these nutrients than by direct IV infusion.

Many different vitamins and nutrients have been used in this setting.  One nutrient that we offer at the IV nutrient center at Texas Integrative Medicine in Austin, Texas, is Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide-usually shortened to NAD+.

NAD+ is rapidly becoming a favorite especially for individuals looking to improve mitochondrial energy production and all the many benefits associated with lots of healthy and highly functional mitochondria pumping out lots of your primary energy molecule-ATP.

NAD+ has been given IV safely for many years.  In high dosages it has been shown to eliminate cravings and reverse addiction to opiates, alcohol and other substances.  Whereas, in the past, IV NAD+ was given over several hours, recent trials have demonstrated that rapid IV NAD+ infusions are safe and effective, if not somewhat uncomfortable to receive.  Combining higher doses of NAD+ (we use individual infusions of 500 mg NAD+ per session) with a fast infusion of a multivitamin IV containing B vitamins, vitamin C as well as amino acids and vital minerals (a total of 23 different vital nutrients in total) may enhance the NAD+ transportation into the mitochondria and delivers many vitamins and minerals necessary for healthy cellular and mitochondrial function.

Receiving larger doses of NAD+ in this way improves the NAD+/NADH ratio and boosts mitochondrial oxygen utilization signifcantly.  Individuals receiving this combination of NAD+ and fast IV MultiVitamins have reported increased energy, increased strength, increased mental clarity, increased endurance, increased potency and improved mood.  Studies of NAD+ have shown that NAD+ protects DNA and has anti-aging effects including increased numbers of circulating stem cells.

A series of IV infusions of NAD+ and fast IV MultiVitamins may provide advantages over a single infusion, especially initially.  After an initial series, maintenance treatments every several weeks may help to maintain the beneficial effects.

To see if you might be a good candidate to receive this Peak Performance Package or to schedule your treatment contact our office at 512-800-5309 today.










Aboutdr_tyler Wally Taylor MD

Dr. Taylor practices integrative medicine at Texas Integrative Medicine in Austin, Texas.  After obtaining a degree in Zoology from the University of Texas in Austin and obtaining a general medical doctorate degree from University of Texas Southwestern Medical School in Dallas he completed a general medical internship and residency training in head and neck surgery ENT and allergy.  After 20 years service in the US Army Medical Corps and practice in Colorado and Texas he founded Texas Integrative where he now offers a functional/holistic approach to disease which treats the entire individual instead of each separate symptom.  He has taken this integrative approach to chronic illness for the past 25 years.  His special interests are chronic, complex illness due to environmental toxin exposures such as mold, germs, chemicals, toxic metals and harmful electro-magnetic radiation.  He has found more satisfying results using this Systems BioIndividualized approach.  He is board certified by the American Board of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine and the American Board of Otolaryngology.

His center, Texas Integrative Medicine, also offers IV nutritional services and detoxification protocols to healthy individuals to prevent disease, maintain peak wellness and maximize athletic performance.

Texas Integrative’s  motto is Health and Wellness from Head to Toe”.  

Candida auris is here-Be Aware


Heads up, folks! Candida auris is on the scene.

“What is it?”, you may ask.

Candida auris is a recently discovered strain of yeast related to other Candida yeasts such as Candida albicans, the yeast that commonly causes thrush and female discharge especially after taking antibiotics.

The important thing about Candida auris, sometimes just referred to as C auris, is that it is deadly and it is not killed by most of the manmade antibiotics that work on most other yeasts!

Candida auris is a dangerous new germ that arrived in the US in 2013

Candida auris was only first discovered in the ear of a 70 year old Japanese woman in 2009.  The name “auris” is Latin for ear.  Since then it has spread to 27 countries including the United States.  The first case in the United States was in 2013. It has now been found in 11 states including one case in Texas as of February 2019.  Candida auris is spread from one person to the other by direct skin to skin contact or it can be spread from one person to another by hand contact as for example a healthcare worker.  The germ Candida auris is extremely hardy and has been cultured from the arm pit or groin of someone affected (colonized) for many months.  It can also survive on a surface like a doorknob or countertop for over one month!  Some of the more common cleaners and disinfectants will not kill it, but alcohol based disinfectants like many hand sanitizers will.  The EPA has a list of sanitizers approved to kill the bacterium Clostridium difficile which seem to work agains C auris.  Note that bacteria and yeast are different, but C auris acts much like a bacteria in the body.  It can infect wounds, blood and tissues including the brain.

Candida auris is often fatal if immunosuppressed

Research has shown that infection with Candida auris is more likely to occur and to prove fatal in folks who have weakened immune systems (depressed immunity/ immunodeficiency).  This makes the very young and very old more at risk.  Also anyone whose immune system is weakened by diseases like cancer or AIDS or immunosuppressing drugs is more prone to infection and serious outcome from infection.

Public health organizations around the globe are extremely concerned about the threat of Candida auris including our own Center for Disease Control- the CDC.  Tom Chiller, PhD who heads up the Mycotic Disease Branch (MDB) is a lead spokesman for the CDC on the danger of C auris.  All confirmed or even suspected cases should be reported to local public health officials.

The US Center for Disease Control is very concerned about Candida auris

Candida auris grows readily in a petri dish but identification is tricky.

In studying Candida auris, scientists discovered something quite unexpected.  The unique DNA genetic material of isolates has been characterized and to the surprise of the scientists there are actually four distinct types of C auris depending on the geographic region.  This has generated one theory that the four different types all “evolved” at the same time, perhaps in response to some, as yet, unidentified environmental stimulus.  This makes one speculate about a wide range of environmental toxic threats like emf’s which now inundate us or the presence of many antibiotic and antifungal drugs or their breakdown products that exist as contaminants in our food and water.

In order to differentiate Candida auris from other less serious types of Candida, special drug susceptibility tests need to be performed in a specialty lab set up to do this type of testing.

Candida auris causes an illness similar to the blood infection known as sepsis.  This is characterized by fever and chills.  Depending on where in the body the infection occurs, other symptoms are possible.  Candida auris infection may sometimes be treated with the class of antifungal drugs known as Echinocandins.

To prevent infection with Candida auris or to prevent spread from one infected individual to another it is important to practice what is known as universal precautions especially hand hygiene and contact precautions.

Many healthcare providers don’t know about the threat of Candida auris

At least for a time, don’t be surprised if you know more about Candida auris than your healthcare provider does.  This is a new threat and the word is just now getting out.  Some predict that this may prove to be a serious calamity to our overall health so it’s good to pay attention.  Hopefully now you will have the information you need to protect yourself, your loved ones and your friends from this menace.





Book Review: TOXIC-Heal Your Body-by Neil Nathan, MD

Book Review: TOXIC Heal Your Body by Neil Nathan, MD-Victory Belt Publishing Inc. 2018

As a physician treating multi-symptom chronic, complex illness (CCI) caused by environmental illness arising from the cumulative exposure to a wide variety of environmental toxins, I have been finding Neil Nathan’s book, TOXIC, to be a very useful resource for patients and practitioners alike.  It is a valuable message of hope and healing.

Dr. Nathan has been treating this rapidly enlarging group of patients for a handful of years longer than I have, and he has created a tool box and approach to treatment that has proven extraordinarily successful.  Many of my diagnostic and treatment protocols align closely with those of Dr. Nathan; in fact he has been a mentor to me over the past few years.

” In my experience, the two major causes of overwhelming sensitivity are mold toxicity and Lyme disease (with its co-infections).  Neil Nathan, MD

In the introduction of Part 2, he admits that of all the environmental toxins that contribute to chronic illness in his patients, he finds the worst to be indoor mold toxins and infection with Bartonella bacteria.  This is probably surprising to some who might have assumed Borrelia spirochete infection (Lyme disease) to be at the top.

Dr. Nathan makes a clear distinction between the direct toxicity effect of environmental toxins and the sensitivity effect of the body to toxins which he ascribes to the nervous system.  I would include the body’s immune system as a source of this sensitivity effect, as well.

In the midsection of his book (chapters 8-20) Dr. Nathan lays out strategies for “rebooting the system”.  He chose this computer metaphor as an apt comparison of how in CCI it is often necessary to reboot various body systems before a state of wellness can return.

Dr. Nathan clearly explains the role of mast cells (a component of the immune system) in perpetuating many of the chronic symptoms of this complex illness as he explains Mast Cell Activation Syndrome which is getting lots of attention nowadays.

Dr. Nathan helps the reader understand the critical role played by the digestive system in CCI and the intimate connection between the digestive system and the nervous system (gut-brain connection) mediated in part by the important vagus nerve.

“Getting the intestines to work well again is an integral part of treatment, but this outcome may be difficult to achieve until the primary causes of illness have been adequately addressed.” Neil Nathan, MD

Dr. Nathan has had a close academic relationship over the years with Dr. Robert Naviaux.  In chapter 8, he summarizes beautifully the concept of the Cell Danger Response, as developed by Dr. Naviaux and the team of scientists with whom he is associated.  Although the science gets a bit “deep”, I really recommend this to patients and providers as well.

Dr. Nathan reaches upon his 47 years of treating patients with chronic illness to present in a very tender way that this illness is very real and that the prospect of total recovery is absolutely achievable.  I honestly  believe that many folks suffering from illness as well as there family and friends will be able to use his narrative to achieve a deep level of understanding and renewed optimism for the future.

“Because I have seen this process work for hundreds of patients, this is also a book of hope-realistic hope for really, really sensitive and sick patients.” Neil Nathan, MD

In the Afterword Dr. Nathan offers a message that is very close to my heart and one that I know many of my patients will relate to.  I think the best way for me to share this is to offer a direct quote from the author.  “Mother Earth is looking more and more like my chronically ill and sensitive patients.  If I were to apply the paradigm expressed in this book to her, I would immediately find the specific chemical toxins that were making her sick, remove her from those exposures (how I do not know), and detoxify her.  I would find ways to reboot those systems that are not functioning properly so that she could thrive again. … We must come together to do this.  We must reach out, talk with one another, and reestablish real connections to begin this process of neurological rebooting on a planetary level.”

He sprinkles in helpful case studies to illustrate many of his points for emphasis.

Veteran practitioner of environmentally acquired illness and author, Neil Nathan, MD

In my opinion, Dr. Nathan’s book, TOXIC, will prove to be a paradigm changer for those affected by and attempting to treat chronic complex illness.  I can’t recommend it highly enough.