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Saliva Genetic Testing Unlocks Health Insights 


Have you ever wondered why some people are:

  • so sensitive to chemicals?
  • have terrible allergies
  • age faster than others?
  • develop dangerous diseases like cancer, Alzheimer’s, autoimmune disease at early age?


Have you wondered why some families are afflicted by:

  • cancer?
  • mood disorders?
  • heart disease?


Genome AnalysisOur genes which are the recipes for our unique traits passed from generation to generation are in part responsible for these risks and many more.  Now we have the capability to simply and affordably measure many of these gene traits with a saliva sample.

At Forum Health Austin we are excited to announce that we now have the capacity to measure an extensive panel of genes and with the aid of computer logic using the MethylGenetics Nutrition Analysis Application we are able to prioritize your genetic variants (mutations) which give rise to metabolic blocks.  These metabolic blocks prevent us from burning fats, balancing brain chemicals, detoxifying toxic chemicals, neutralizing dangerous free radicals, absorbing and utilizing critical vitamins and nutrients, making and balancing our hormones, and maintaining healthy digestion.

The MGNA Application offers recommendations for changes in nutrition, diet, and lifestyle to help navigate around the metabolic blocks.

Once we are aware of your genetic barriers, modifications can be made to avoid many of these potential diseases.  Preventive medicine is finally here. Along with other Functional Medicine principles we have the tools to optimize wellness and long life.  We are no longer forced into a position to merely react to disease as it happens.

I invite you to talk to us at Forum Health Austin to learn more about how we are helping people regain and maintain wellness proactively using precision bio-individualized genome assessment.

Learn more about MethylGenetic Nutrition Analysis Application at


Aboutdr_tyler Wally Taylor MD

Dr. Taylor practices integrative medicine at Forum Health Austin in Austin, Texas.  After obtaining a general medical doctorate degree from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School in Dallas he completed a general medical internship and residency training in head and neck surgery ENT and allergy.  After 20 years of service in the US Army Medical Corps and practice in Colorado and Texas, he founded Texas Integrative now Forum Health Austin where he now offers a functional holistic approach to disease which treats the entire individual instead of each separate symptom.  He has a special interest in precision genome-based healing of chronic inflammation-caused illness and anti-aging.  He has found more satisfying results using this Systems BioIndividualized approach. Dr. Taylor recently published GOT TO SHINE-A Guidebook for True Health and Sustained Wellness in the 21st Century available in the Amazon bookstore.