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Terms of Use / Medical Disclaimer


Please be informed that any information on the Texas Integrative website is intended to provide general and educational information only and is not intended or implied to provide medical advice.

Please also be informed that the educational information provided is not complete and does not adequately encompass all associated medical conditions or associated treatments. You should consult with your healthcare provider in order to determine if the information included in this website is applicable to your condition and its treatment.

Please understand that information provided is not necessarily based on a specific source, is the opinion of the contributor and has not been evaluated or approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) nor any other certifying body. Any products or services included are intended to support general wellness and are not meant to treat, prevent or cure any condition or disease.

Please be informed that any testimonials of individuals on this website are strictly the opinion of that individual and do not represent the opinion of Texas Integrative ENT and Allergy. Individual treatment results may vary. Testimonials represent results of personal experience and are not intended to be medical advice.

Please be informed that you need to obtain medical advice before interpreting any diagnostic information and before initiating any diet, lifestyle change, exercise program or any nonprescription medication, supplement, vitamin, mineral or natural substance.

After reading and understanding the above paragraphs you acknowledge and agree that Texas Integrative ENT and Allergy and the contributors to this website are not liable nor do we assume any liability for any information contained within the Texas Integrative website. We are not liable for any direct, indirect, consequential, special, exemplary or other damages that in any way is related to any information contained within this website.

November 13, 2014