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Precision Gene Nutrition Treatment Now Available


Combination of 23andme genome test with cloud-based treatment algorithm allows supplement recommendations that address individual needs.

In all my years practicing medicine both as a traditional Otolaryngologist and now for the past 20 years of practicing Integrative/Functional medicine I have never been so excited about a new frontier of medicine. I have been using genetic information to understand my patient’s inborn predisposition for metabolic problems including methylation pathway, free radical activity, neurotransmitter balance, energy metabolism, and immune/inflammation disorders for the past six years. I have found the saliva test available from 23andme evaluates a significant number of genetic mutations (single nucleotide polymorphisms or SNP’s) which can explain many of the abnormalities of metabolism that can lead to chronic inflammation-based illness. The problem up until now had been how to incorporate the extensive individual pieces of information available from the 23andme test into a manageable protocol of recommendations whether it be diet, lifestyle modification, or nutrient support. Enter MethylGenetic Nutrition.

MTHFR Is Only a Part Of The Story

A doctor from Pennsylvania, Robert Miller, has developed a first of class cloud-based application that inputs 23andme genome data, patient-reported symptoms, and historical information with optional metabolic biomarkers from a urine Organic Acids Test. I now have access to this amazing tool.

Once the data sets are uploaded the computer algorithm analyzes and prioritizes a large amount of individual data points and uses the software to generate individual treatment protocols that are bio-individualized. The final report still requires a doctor to make modifications where appropriate. The software makes specific nutritional recommendations that are prioritized and placed in the appropriate order.

Those of us practicing this sort of gene-based nutrition therapy which is rapidly growing in availability have realized that if the supplements are not utilized in the proper doses and sequences that problems of tolerance are often seen. I believe that the logic in the software will lead to much improved outcomes and fewer undesirable side effects.

I still continue to practice the fundamental principles of Integrative and Functional Medicine including management of digestion, detoxification, immune system, chronic infection, hormonal balance, stress management, sleep issues, proper nutrition, and exercise. Proper care of these tried and true approaches continues to offer healing at the root cause of illness. Now with the new genetic understanding, I am able to assist in the restoration of normal cellular and mitochondrial function that leads to recovery from chronic illness at a much more fundamental level. I honestly believe that the best outcomes are seen when attention to both levels of treatment are employed. Evaluation still begins with a thorough history and physical examination. The need for laboratory assessment is individualized and kept to the minimum required to formulate a safe plan of treatment. I now incorporate 23andme salivary genome assessment in almost every case. I would be happy to assist you in unraveling your root causes of illness including your genetic predispositions. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

Aboutdr_tyler Wally Taylor MD

Dr. Taylor practices integrative medicine at Forum Health Austin in Austin, Texas.  After obtaining a general medical doctorate degree from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School in Dallas he completed a general medical internship and residency training in head and neck surgery ENT and allergy.  After 20 years of service in the US Army Medical Corps and practice in Colorado and Texas, he founded Forum Health Austin where he now offers a functional holistic approach to disease which treats the entire individual instead of each separate symptom.  He has found more satisfying results using this Systems BioIndividualized approach.

His motto is Health and Wellness from Head to Toe”.