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Our Happy Patients

“I originally came to Forum Health Austin with complaints of low energy levels, lack of focus/mental clarity, anxiety, and problems sleeping. As part of my treatment plan, Dr. Taylor recommended that I use the OxySauna 1 – 2 times per week. After just a couple sessions I found the OxySauna to be one of the most effective treatments in my treatment plan. Immediately after my first session I felt more calm and relaxed and was able to sleep better that night. The day after, I felt more energized and recharged. After a few weeks of OxySauna, my energy levels have been restored, I sleep better at night, and my mental clarity has improved significantly. This is not your typical sauna! I have been genuinely impressed with the results and will continue to go back for weekly sessions until I have the space to purchase my own.”

After months of various debilitating symptoms, quitting my job as a result, and 9 doctors who told me every test comes back normal and I was fine, I could not have been more blessed to find Dr. Taylor. He has the knowledge, testing, and treatment that I desperately needed for a true diagnosis and treatment plan that no other doctor offered. After 3 months under his supervision and treatment plans, I have my life back. I am working full time, can socialize again and couldn’t be happier to see most of my symptoms gone. I am thankful that treatments are as natural as possible and address the illness rather than the symptoms and I would recommend Forum Health Austin to anyone who has run into dead ends with western medicine doctors and your chronic symptoms just don’t add up.

We just wanted to write and THANK YOU SO MUCH for being our “doctor” for the past year! We have been to over 15 doctors and have grown to despise the words “doctor” and “tests”. I never thought I could say “I love, love my doctor”, but I DO! You have a wealth of knowledge and completely understand where we are at in our Lyme journey. We also like that you are always looking for more answers to our health problems and find “out of the box” ways of treatment that conventional doctors would never consider! We like that you do all you can to keep the cost of treatment as low as possible and also that you do not waste money on a fancy building. You have been a much prayed for blessing of God in our lives as we travel down the road of Lyme disease and stealth infections. Most of all thank you for understanding and caring! We pray for you and the work that you do. In addition, we pray that more doctors will come to realize the pharmacy is NOT the answer to good health and start truly helping their patients overcome the disease.

I've had several wonderful experiences with Dr. Connie. She has really helped me with several challenges and now I feel more balanced. I also had to do some work on me-my diet, exercise, and preventative measures. Dr. Connie blessed me with her knowledge, expertise and excitement. As a result, I have referred several of my family members and my colleagues to her. Thank you, Dr. Connie.

I could not control my weight loss and was sleeping the better part of each day due to my complete lack of energy. I was constantly dizzy and suffering from brain fog. My life was upside down and I was desperate to understand what was happening to my body. Dr. Taylor was one of the first doctors to truly listen to my symptoms and address every aspect of my illness. With his knowledge in both traditional and functional medicine, in addition to his experience and persistence, Dr. Taylor was able to identify the root cause of my illness. I was provided with a comprehensive treatment plan that was tailored specifically for me; this plan has helped me make significant progress in my recovery from Lyme disease. I am now going back to work and starting to live a normal life again. Forum Health Austin is a place that you can turn to when other doctors are unable to find the answers. I am so very grateful to Dr. Taylor and his staff. They have changed my life!


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