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Is chronic Inflammation Causing Your Frequent Headaches?


Are you tired of putting a band-aid on your headache?

Do you want to find the root cause of your recurrent headaches?

Chronic recurrent headache which frequently runs in families may be triggered by inflammation involving brain structures which can be triggered by stress, head injury, brain infection, the brain response to environmental toxins, and allergic reactions.  There are genetic markers that are associated with an increased likelihood of recurrent headache which can now be measured.  There are laboratory markers to assess inflammation and allergy that can help identify the triggers and in many cases take steps to reduce or eliminate them.

Taking a headache-relieving medicine like aspirin or ibuprofen may provide short-term symptoms relief yet does little to deal with the underlying cause or prevent future headaches.

At Forum Health Austin we are headache detectives and explore to find and eliminate the triggering causes of recurrent headaches.

The causes of inflammation that trigger headaches are often very similar if not identical to the triggers of many other chronic inflammation-based symptoms including brain fog, depression, chronic fatigue, joint pain, irritable bowel, and insomnia. Often nutrient deficiencies and diet triggers are at fault.

A medical evaluation at Forum Health Austin will assess your headaches in order to identify the likely causes and we will then take steps to eliminate the root causes.

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