Texas Integrative Medicine | Stealth Infection
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Stealth Infection

Recent research using new microbiological testing techniques is uncovering a rapidly developing body of evidence that suggests that many chronic disease states without known cause may, in fact, be directly related to persistent infection in the body.  Even some cancers appear to be linked to chronic infection.  This has given rise to the concept of stealth infection caused by stealth pathogens.  We define stealth infection as a disease state related to the presence in the body of pathogens (harmful germs) or their toxins that are difficult to identify by current existing techniques of microbial detection.

Rapid discovery of new direct testing methods including DNA and RNA sequencing, newer techniques of pathogen culture, and the ability to characterize large numbers of chemical metabolites and proteins in patient specimens is allowing scientists to identify with surprising frequency the presence of previously unidentified pathologic bacteria, viruses, molds, and parasites in patients with symptoms of chronic illness.

Science suggests that symptoms of chronic illness are generated by the direct toxic effects of the stealth pathogens on our cells and subcellular structures such as mitochondria as well as harmful effects on our cells, tissues, and organs caused by “self-injury” generated by the body’s immune system as it tries to cope with the presence of the stealth pathogens (immune inflammation self-injury/ autoimmunity).

There is hope for recovery from stealth infection.

At Texas Integrative Medicine we have a special interest in chronic illness due to stealth infection.  We utilize a variety of diagnostic tests to identify the stealth pathogens, their toxins, and their harmful effects on our cells.  We use a number of techniques to assist the body to deal with these stealth pathogens along with the inflammation that is generated by the body’s response to them.  We utilize proven methods that encourage cellular, tissue and organ repair, recovery and regeneration to reverse and eliminate the symptoms associated with the chronic disease associated with stealth infection.