Welcome Julie Hamilton, NP to the Team!

A portrait of a person with short, dark brown hair and glasses, wearing a white coat. End ID.

Dr. Wally Taylor and Dr. Harry Moore are thrilled to welcome Julie Hamilton, NP to their growing team! 

Julies specializes in personalized wellness with a focus on sleep disorders and IV Ketamine-Assisted Therapy for chronic pain, depression, anxiety, and other mood disorders. 

Julie is an American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) certified sleep specialist and has overseen 2,500 intravenous ketamine sessions to reduce pain and mood disorders. 

Her goal is to help restore the body’s natural balance by removing obstacles to optimal health. 

Click below to watch a special welcome from Julie!

To schedule an appointment with Julie or any of the providers at Forum Health Austin, contact us today at 512-800-5309. 



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