Texas Integrative Medicine | Crystal P
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We just wanted to write and THANK YOU SO MUCH for being our “doctor” for the past year!  We have been to over 15 doctors and have grown to despise the words “doctor” and “tests”.  I never thought I could say “I love, love my doctor”, but I DO!  You have a wealth of knowledge and completely understand where we are at in our lyme journey.  We also like that you are always looking for more answers to our health problems and find “out of the box” ways of treatment that conventional doctors would never consider!  We like that you do all you can to keep the cost of treatment as low as possible and also that you do not waste money on a fancy building.  You have been a much prayed for blessing of God in our lives as we travel down the road of Lyme disease and stealth infections.  Most of all thank you for understanding and caring!  We pray for you and the work that you do.  In addition we pray that more doctors will come to realize the pharmacy is NOT the answer to good health and start truly helping their patients overcome disease.

Matt and Crystal P