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Wellness Consultations


Take advantage of wellness educational consultations with Dr. Taylor

Dr. Taylor is now offering one-on-one wellness educational consultations via video conference to discuss individual wellness questions and concerns. With help from the team at our Austin integrative medicine center, you can achieve your best health.


Learn more about our wellness educational consultations

The wellness educational consultations at our Austin integrative medicine center are not intended to serve as medical advice for treatment. Instead, they are intended to provide healthcare information to work with your own personal healthcare provider.

The consultation is intended to address your questions and concerns regarding the effects of environmental toxins on your health and wellbeing. Dr. Taylor will discuss the various environmental toxins and their health effects and your body’s factors that determine your personal sensitivity to toxins. He will also review the role of the brain’s stress and threat response center, the limbic system and the role it plays in health and wellness.

Dr. Taylor may also discuss nutrients for wellness, along with diet and lifestyle. Options for nutrient, vitamin and mineral supplementation, including recommended dosages, may be covered during the wellness educational consultations.

Lab testing and prescription drugs are not available with this service, although Dr. Taylor can discuss options for testing that are available to the general public.


A deeper look at environmental toxins during the wellness educational consultation

Some environmental toxins that Dr. Taylor may address during wellness educational consultations include mycotoxins due to exposure to toxic indoor mold, pathogens such as the germ that causes Lyme disease and other Lyme co-infection germs, the health effects of viruses, toxic chemicals such as pesticides and glyphosate, and toxic metals like mercury and lead.

The team at our Austin integrative medicine center explains some factors accounting for increased sensitivity to toxins, including MTHFR/methylation, glutathione, genetics, neurotransmitter balance, immune inflammation, mitochondrial dysfunction and the effects of nutrient deficiencies. Dr. Taylor may review these causes in more depth during wellness educational consultations.


How to sign up for wellness educational consultations

In order to schedule your educational session, you will need to sign and return via fax or email the disclaimer and consent form. You will then need to schedule your consultation with the scheduling receptionist.

The cost of the wellness educational consultation is $450 for a 45-minute session. We will record the video conference session and send you a recorded file of the session for future review.

The consultation will occur on the Zoom Video Conference platform, so you will need to have the Zoom app loaded on your device (computer, tablet or smartphone).

Contact our Austin integrative medicine center to learn more about how we can help you achieve your best health.


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