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EWOT-Exercise with Oxygen Training

Oxygen is the most critical nutrient needed by the human body.  It is the only nutrient that we cannot be without for more than just a few minutes-not water, not food, not vitamins-only oxygen.  Oxygen is required in our mitochondria to oxidize our fuels (foods like sugars, fats and proteins) to create the all-important ATP.  ATP or adenosine triphosphate is the high-energy molecule that powers essentially all the processes in the body requiring energy.  Almost all chronic illness is associated with an inability of the mitochondria to utilize oxygen normally also called mitochondrial dysfunction.  This explains why chronic illness is so often associated with fatigue, exercise intolerance and inability to lose weight.

Texas Integrative Medicine Austin offers EWOT

EWOT,  a training modality offered at Texas Integrative, pushes oxygen into the tissues to “jump start” mitochondrial oxygen utilization and ATP production.  The German clinician who first described EWOT in the 1960’s, Manfred von Ardenne, and published his observations of the effect, also showed that EWOT causes capillaries that are closed off to open up allowing oxygen and other nutrients to reach the cells more effectively.  The activity takes 15 minutes and involves breathing enriched oxygen (approximately 85% oxygen where the room air that we breathe contains 21% oxygen).  If the patient is able, breathing the high concentration oxygen is combined with an exertional activity such as stationary cycling to further drive the oxygen into all the “nooks and crannies” of the body.  Breathing oxygen from a tank with nasal prongs or a mask such as in an oxygen bar does not accomplish this effect.

EWOT training sessions are monitored by trained assistants

Trained assistants monitor and administer the EWOT training sessions at Texas Integrative Medicine.  Users have reported increased energy, increased mental clarity increased focus after completing treatments.  Texas Integrative offers individual EWOT sessions and packages of treatments at a reduced per session rate.  It is highly recommended to undergo two or three training sessions per week although some patients have experienced substantial benefit from daily sessions.


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