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Let’s redefine healthcare — together in Austin Texas.

INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE SERVICES includes an approach to illness recovery and wellness maintenance that combines traditional Western symptom-based care with holistic and functional care that incorporates treatment of the entire individual. Let’s take a look at some of our services.



Our body’s immune system generates inflammation in response to perceived foreign invasion. This is a necessary and desirable protective response. Unfortunately when the immune system behaves in a dysfunctional way, inflammation can result in self-injury with resultant damage to our cells and tissues. In turn this immune system dysfunction may originate from metabolic disorder which may have a genetic link.

This often starts in our digestive tract and spreads to involve other areas including hormonal glands, brain, nerves, skin, joints, heart and blood vessels. Environmental toxic substances, allergies and chronic infection may seriously compound the problem. We take a holistic approach to identify and address these disease-causing factors in order to help restore wellness and reduce inflammation.



Incidence of disorders associated with speech delay, developmental delay, educational and behavioral problems including Autistic Spectrum has been increasing at an alarming rate. Although the exact causes are still being evaluated, it is generally accepted that genetics plays a predisposing role with environmental exposures providing the precipitating trigger(s). Our Providers have experience in evaluating this group of individuals and has learned that there is much that can be done to intervene and alter the course of these conditions. Genome assessment is providing clues to metabolic variation that can contribute to disorders of brain balance, immune inflammation, detoxification and mitochondrial function. He has learned to use techniques of diet modification, nutrient and cofactor replacement, support of detoxification, hormone and neurotransmitter support, inflammation control and when necessary prescription medicines to help relieve disability.



Harnessing the scientific discoveries of the recently completed HUMAN GENOME PROJECT, at Forum Health Austin we provide thorough individualized genomic assessment of over 200 key genes that regulate critical metabolic pathways including METHYLATION, NEUROTRANSMITTERS AND DETOXIFICATION.   The insight learned from this evaluation then allows us to provide each person with individualized disease risk analysis and recommendations for therapeutic interventions designed to reverse disease processes, enhance the detoxification process, prevent illness and delay the aging process. This new BIOINDIVIDUALIZED APPROACH to medicine really is redefining health care delivery in the 21st Century.   Schedule your appointment to get started on your genome assessment today.



Allergic disease such as rhinitis, asthma, sinusitis and eczema sickens millions of Americans and is one of the most expensive health care problems in our country. Allergic disease also contributes to an individual’s “total allergic load” and may worsen disorders like autism, chronic arthritis, autoimmune disorder, migraine headache, chronic fatigue and chronic pain syndrome.

At Forum Health Austin we offer allergy assessment of pollens, molds, animal danders, chemicals and foods using a simple, safe blood test. Once we have determined the source of your allergic sensitivities we can take appropriate steps to reverse illness. Although elimination of exposures and appropriate symptom medicines still provide good treatment steps, we often treat our patients with safe, effective and inexpensive SUBLINGUAL IMMUNOTHERAPY also called SLIT for short. Although not yet FDA approved, this technique when small squirts of allergy drops are placed daily just under the tongue , is endorsed by the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION. This treatment protocol is widely used throughout the world and has been used successfully in clinics in the United States for over forty years.  Schedule an appointment to start the process of controlling your allergies now.




Americans are living longer than ever before and yet we are exposed to more environmental toxins, infectious disease agents and stress than ever before as well. People are anxious to enjoy quality of life even as they live longer. At Forum Health Austin we have a special interest in offering wellness guidance that is designed to delay the natural processes of degeneration that we constantly face. We have experience in hormonal optimization, free radical control, detoxification support and chronic inflammation control which may contribute to more satisfaction from life. We also take a special interest in evaluating genetic variation that impacts the aging process.



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Forum Health Austin is proud to be able to offer a broad range of specialties, holistic treatments for most chronic conditions.


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