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Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Are you one of the 21 million US women experiencing hair loss?

Hair loss canbe an embarrassing issue and you might be uncertain as to what to do. You’re
not alone. About 80% of when will have noticeable hair loss by the age of 40.

What are the options?

There are prescription drugs which are often partially effective but carry
unwanted side effects. Surgical hair restoration is another alternative but very
PRP is a safe nonsurgical and natural healing treatment to help women
with hair loss!

What is PRP?

PRP is a process where your own blood is drawn and put into a centrifuge and
spun to collect the platelets and growth factors that carry wonderful properties.
When injected into your scalp, research has shown PRP:

1. Causes migration of stem cells to the injected area and triggers regeneration
2. Decreases inflammation and reduces oxidative stress.
3. Promotes increased blood supply to the affected areas
4. Stimulates hair follicles to re enter growth phase and even extend this phase.

What might be causing my hair loss?

Hormone imbalances to include thyroid, adrenal and sex hormones.
Many drugs can cause hair loss such as antidepressant drugs, and Tagament for
Iron deficiency
Digestive imbalances

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I”m a good candidate for PRP?

It’s best to schedule a consult to see if you would benefit from treatment.

How many treatments typically are needed?

Although treatment varies, initially 3-6 sessions are recommended spaced a
month apart. After initial treatment, maintenance may be 2-4x per year.

When can you expect the results from PRP treatment?

Clients will start to see improvement in hair texture, thickness of hair shaft and
growth of new hairs in the treated area within 4-6 weeks after treatment; it
typically takes 4-8 months from your initial treatment to see measurable results
with maintenance of 2-4x a year.

What is the downtime?

There is no real downtime or activity restriction after a PRP treatment. Clients
may shower/wash their hair normally just several hours after treatment and
resume normal daily and athletic activities. Make sure you don’t use any harsh
chemical coloring and perming treatment for at least 72 hours.

Laser treatments can be resumed the following day. Some mild inflammation will be present
redness/pinkness may be present for several hours after the treatment.

What would make me ineligible for PRP?

PRP is immunologically safe and poses little risk of allergy or reaction. PRP
treatment is contraindicated in blood and platelet disorders, chronic liver
disease, the presence of an active severe infection, cardiovascular or
hemodynamic instability and/or the presence of anticoagulation therapy (e.g.
warfarin)Recent steroid treatments and smoking are relative contraindications
and should be discussed with your practitioner.

How long do the benefits of PRP treatments last?

As results vary, some benefits last several years while some maintenance is
necessary of an average 2-4x a year for many clients.

Contact us at 512-800-5309 to schedule your free 15 minute consult to
see if you’re a good candidate for PRP