Texas Integrative Medicine | Pain and Injuries
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Pain and Injuries

Pain comes in many forms and has many causes.

Many of our patients struggle with nebulous, chronic pain from inflammation, mold exposure, environmental toxins, and stealth infections.  Inflammation can affect the connective tissues, nerves, and joints. Chronic illness and environmental exposures can cause dysregulation in the minerals that allow our muscles to relax, resulting in chronic spasms.  Many of these conditions impact our mitochondria, the powerhouse of the cells that gives our cells the energy to work.  The mitochondria are also sort of like the “lungs” of the cells, responsible for using oxygen and releasing carbon dioxide.  When the mitochondria slow down, the tissues don’t use oxygen as efficiently and can’t “breathe” properly.

Fatigue and poor sleep also causes pain, short-circuiting the healing processes that normally clears out metabolic waste and begins tissue regeneration.

Chronic and acute injuries are also common and are often compounded when the body is struggling with toxins and infections.  It is easier to get injured and stay injured when you are fatigued, have brain fog, and have systemic inflammation.

The really irksome thing about pain is that it adds another layer of emotional, hormonal, and neurological stress that further slows down the body’s healing processes.

At Texas Integrative, we offer Photobiomodulation laser therapy, which stimulates mitochondrial function and increases ATP, decreases inflammation, which can offer pain relief for both acute and chronic pain.