Texas Integrative Medicine | New Enhanced IV Therapy: Rea’s Plus
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New Enhanced IV Therapy: Rea’s Plus

Watch as Dr. Taylor discusses Rea’s Plus IV Therapy.

Rea’s Plus combines the powerful benefits of Rea’s Cocktail with the addition of Zinc Chloride and Glutathione to help strengthen your immune system, reduce the effects of stress, and increase energy. 

We are currently offering Rea’s Plus IV Therapy at a discounted price until November 30. 2020. Contact us at 512.800.5309 to schedule your appointment today.

Wally Taylor MD

After obtaining a degree in Zoology from the University of Texas in Austin and obtaining a general medical doctorate degree from University of Texas Southwestern Medical School in Dallas he completed a general medical internship and residency training in head and neck surgery ENT and allergy. After 20 years service in the US Army Medical Corps and practice in Colorado and Texas he founded Texas Integrative where he now offers a functional/holistic approach to disease which treats the entire individual instead of each separate symptom. He has taken this integrative approach to chronic illness for the past 25 years. His special interests are chronic, complex illness due to environmental toxin exposures such as mold, germs and chemicals. He has found more satisfying results using this Systems BioIndividualized approach. He is board certified by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. His motto is “Health and Wellness from Head to Toe”.

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