About Dr. Moore

Let us help identify and correct the root causes
of your persistent roadblocks to great health and longevity.

Dr. Moore is a board-certified family physician with more than 40 years of experience.He is a national leader in infectious disease, hormone therapy, chronic conditions, clinical nutrition, and autoimmune disorders.

Dr. Harrison Moore is a certified Functional Medicine doctor with thirty-nine years of experience in the medical profession.

He started his career as a Family Practitioner and transitioned  into holistic care in 2003 after seeing the astounding results in many patients.

Since 1982 Dr. Moore has maintained a board certification status in Family Medicine. In 2017 he was certified by the Institute of Functional Medicine.

He purposely sees his patients through the lens of functional and traditional medicine. 

His passion has always been to help teach people how to be healthy. Functional Medicine has not only fueled that passion but has also allowed his patients to experience holistic healthcare that treats their core health issues.

Finding all the pieces to their health-problem-puzzle and applying the solutions to establish their optimal health is his goal for every patient.


He enjoys bringing his expertise to each patient, creating a customized plan with sustainable results that are life-changing and life-giving to those he has the pleasure to serve.​

Dr. Moore is a devoted husband, father and grandfather.

He has been married to Joanne Owen Moore for forty-two years.

They have six children and twelve grandchildren. In his spare time he enjoys boating, reading, studying, working out at the gym, and spending time with his large family.


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