Less is More! Full Lips Without the Filler

Get a more defined and plump upper lip without fillers with the new XEOMIN® Lip Flip.

Are you looking for more pout from your lips but not quite ready to dive into using fillers? The XEOMIN® Lip Flip treatment is a quick and effective option to achieve a fuller and more defined upper lip that doesn’t require using lip fillers.  

What is XEOMIN®?

XEOMIN® is an injectable treatment of the botulinum toxin used to treat moderate to severe fine lines and wrinkles. It works to smooth the skin by paralyzing the muscles where it is injected. An alternative to other injectable treatments you may be familiar with, XEOMIN® contains less additives and gives a more natural, softer look to the areas treated.  

We use XEOMIN® in our lip flip procedure, but it can also be used in other places on your face to treat crow’s feet, forehead, and 11 lines. 

Your Lips, Just Fuller! How a Lip Flip Works

A lip flip is a solution to achieve a fuller upper lip without injecting fillers into your lips. Your provider injects a very small amount of XEOMIN® just on the muscles at the top of the lip at the vermilion border, where the lip meets the skin. This causes the muscles at the top of your lip to become paralyzed and thus, unable to contract, creating a curved upper lip that is fuller in appearance.  

  The lip flip technique creates a softener, more natural look than fillers because you are simply pulling up the lip to expose more of it, versus injecting it with fillers to increase the volume of the lip.  

 A lip flip is a great in-between if you want more volume but are not ready for fillers, which also have higher risks associated against the benefits.  

Watch Dr. Hamlin demonstrate the Lip Flip on her patient:

Benefits of a Lip Flip using XEOMIN®

  • Effortless Pout – The lip flip technique is designed to create a fuller upper lip that is not a drastic change in your appearance. The lips themselves generally do not swell up after treatment, as it is the muscles above the lip being treated, ensuring your desired natural look.  
  • Natural Alternative – XEOMIN® has been formulated without the additive proteins that make the comparable injections less effective over time. You are also less likely to develop side-effects associated with the additives in other injections.  
  • More Affordable – With a lip flip a small amount of product goes a long way! This also makes the treatment less expensive than the amount of product needed for lip fillers.  


Most patients see full results of their lip flip within a week, however, it may take up to a month to see the full effects. It is normal to bleed a little bit and see some swelling at the site of injection, which usually goes away within ten minutes. Bruising may also happen, but is uncommon in most people.  

Ready to feel proud of your pout? Schedule your XEOMIN® Lip Flip today! 



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