Votiva Vaginal Rejuvination

Get life-changing results for women’s health concerns — from sexual dysfunction to stress incontinence in Austin, Texas.


When your body changes, you might feel like you’ve lost control. But you’re not alone, and you don’t have to live with it.

Votiva treatment uses gentle radiofrequency heating to help women renew their comfort and confidence.

This noninvasive therapy addresses gynecological health issues without painful surgery or disruptive recovery. Votiva treatment is quick and easy — taking just a few minutes per session and causing little or no discomfort.



Tone muscles, get relief from pain, and strengthen your pelvic floor. Votiva with the FormaV™ handpiece uses deep-heat technology to work under the skin, increasing blood flow and tightening vaginal tissue. It stimulates collagen and elastin fiber production for increased sensitivity, moisture, and elasticity.


Votiva by InMode is unique. Similar machines are meant only for postmenopausal women. But the Votiva workstation can help women of any age achieve internal and external rejuvenation — with no scarring.


Restore your comfort and confidence.

Schedule Votiva vaginal rejuvenation today.


Forum Health takes a whole-person approach.


Some clinics administer treatment with Votiva (or a similar device) and leave it at that. But with us, Votiva can be part of your unique care plan, focused on balancing hormones and addressing other root causes of your health concerns. We want to help you regain confidence and love the body you’re in.

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