Reiki Treatment in Austin, TX

Reiki is one of the most gentle healing arts available today. Reiki is a Japanese method that promotes deep relaxation throughout the body so the body can regain balance and heal itself.

Reiki works with the body’s energy fields, and many ancient, as well as modern cultures, believe that disruptions in energy flow can result in disease, or dis-ease. In Reiki, the practitioner gently lays his or her hands over important energy points on the body or just above the body.

Clients will often experience this energy as heat, a tingling sensation, or deep relaxation. This infusion of energy helps to release blockages and return the body to balance. It is gentle yet powerful.

Reiki is helpful with both acute and chronic conditions. Results can be subtle – some people say they didn’t experience much during the session but then they go home and sleep like they haven’t slept in years. Results can also be more dramatic – a client may start the session in pain and the pain may be totally relieved once the session is completed. It is excellent for pain control and stress reduction and is appropriate for anyone of any age. Studies show it improves immune system and nervous system function, increases mobility in arthritis, multiple sclerosis and fibromyalgia, and decreases use of associated medications as well. Many hospitals have developed Reiki groups to service their patients, as it has been found in controlled studies to enhance healing, decrease hospital stays and decrease medication use. Western medicine often refers to Reiki as “Healing Touch”.

Reiki can be administered in half-hour sessions (focused) or one-hour sessions (general). Clients remain fully clothed and can be sitting or lying on the table. Reiki can also be incorporated with any massage work.

Julie Hamilton, NP is a certified Reiki Master who practices traditional Usui Reiki developed in the early 20th century by Mikao Usui.

Watch Julie Hamilton, NP discuss Reiki below


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