Texas Integrative Medicine | Ethan S
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I could not control my weight loss and was sleeping the better part of each day due to my complete lack of energy. I was constantly dizzy and suffering from brain fog. My life was upside down and I was desperate to understand what was happening to my body. Dr. Taylor was one of the first doctors to truly listen to my symptoms and address every aspect of my illness. With his knowledge in both traditional and functional medicine, in addition to his experience and persistence, Dr. Taylor was able to identify the root cause of my illness. I was provided with a comprehensive treatment plan that was tailored specifically for me; this plan has helped me make significant progress in my recovery from Lyme disease. I am now going back to work and starting to live a normal life again. Texas Integrative Medicine is a place that you can turn to when other doctors are unable to find the answers. I am so very grateful to Dr. Taylor and his staff.They have changed me life!

Ethan S