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Environmental Medicine is Alternative Medicine

Most symptoms of chronic illness are the result of the body’s response to toxicants (toxins) in the environment. These toxicants may be manmade (such as pesticides and other pollutants) or made by biological agents (harmful viruses, bacteria, molds and parasites).  Nowadays even harmful electromagnetic radiation is contributing to the damage of our cells, tissues and organ systems. Each of us has a different mix of toxicants and a different tendency to develop symptoms as a result of their presence in our body.  Some of us are highly resistant to environmental toxicants while others are very sensitive like the “canary in the coal mine”.

To effectively eliminate symptoms it is important to identify and remove our on-going exposures to new toxicants as much as possible.  It is important to help the body to eliminate or remove the harmful factors that are present.  This can be accomplished by taking steps to improve the body’s ability to “detox”, to take steps to reduce or eliminate harmful germs and to rebalance and restore the immune system to more normal function.

If we only treat each symptom with a different medicine to mask or reduce the symptom, unfortunately this does not usually help to eliminate the root cause and allow the body to truly heal.  It is only by understanding and dealing with the root cause of toxicant damage at the cellular and subcellular level that one can actually see the elimination of the source of symptom generation and allow the body to heal itself.  The body is amazingly capable of doing just this when given the chance.