Texas Integrative Medicine | Diego A
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“I originally came to Dr. Taylor with complaints of low energy levels, lack of focus/mental clarity , anxiety, and problems sleeping.  As part of my treatment plan, Dr. Taylor recommended that I use the OxySauna 1 – 2 times per week.  After just a couple sessions I found the OxySauna to be one of the most effective treatments in my treatment plan. Immediately after my first session I felt more calm and relaxed and was able to sleep better that night.  The day after, I felt more energized and recharged.  After a few weeks of OxySauna, my energy levels have been restored , I sleep better at night, and my mental clarity has improved significantly. This is not your typical sauna! I have been genuinely impressed with the results and will continue to go back for weekly sessions until I have the space to purchase my own.”


– Diego A