Type 1 Diabetes

Type 1 Diabetes is a part of your story, it’s not all of you. Here at Forum Health, we take a whole person approach in our care model and help you to optimize your life with Type 1 Diabetes. We tailor diabetes to work for your quality of life, as opposed to trying to tailor your whole life around trying to balance living with Type 1 Diabetes. This subtle difference has a massive impact on your experience of living with a chronic disease.

With an integrative medicine approach, we focus on optimization of immunity, medicines, supplements, lifestyle patterns, community, your personal goals and overall metabolic balance. We also look at your personal habits and assess if there are any evidence-based adjustments that may give you a positive impact on overall health and quality of life.


We dive into nutrition and help you find food choices that not only help to balance your blood sugar levels, but also give you energy to fuel your day. Energy levels and fatigue are often a symptom in people with blood sugar imbalance, we work to help you optimize daily energy so you can show up in your life as your best self and give your gifts to the world.

Watch Hannah Hamlin, DO discuss type 1 VS type 2 Diabetes


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