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Book Review: TOXIC-Heal Your Body-by Neil Nathan, MD


Book Review: TOXIC Heal Your Body by Neil Nathan, MD-Victory Belt Publishing Inc. 2018 As a physician treating multi-symptom chronic, complex illness (CCI) caused by environmental illness arising from the cumulative exposure to a wide variety of environmental toxins, I have been finding Neil Nathan’s book, TOXIC, to be a very useful resource for patients […]

Methylation and MTHFR -Why Should You Care?


There has been a lot said about methylation in healthcare blogs in the past few years and for good reason. Methylation is arguably the most important metabolic process in our human body. For many of us, it is not going as it should. Let me explain. Many of our most important molecules will not behave […]

Saliva Genetic Testing Unlocks Health Insights 


Have you ever wondered why some people are: so sensitive to chemicals? have terrible allergies age faster than others? develop dangerous diseases like cancer, Alzheimer’s, autoimmune disease at early age?   Have you wondered why some families are afflicted by: cancer? mood disorders? heart disease?   Our genes which are the recipes for our unique […]

Precision Gene Nutrition Treatment Now Available


By Dr. Wally Taylor Combination of 23andme genome test with cloud-based treatment algorithm allows supplement recommendations that address individual needs. In all my years practicing medicine both as a traditional Otolaryngologist and now for the past 20 years of practicing Integrative/Functional medicine I have never been so excited about a new frontier of medicine. I […]