Acupuncture and Pain Relief

There is some ridiculous old adage that says “Suffering is a fact of life”. Bull puckey.

Yes, discomfort happens, pain happens, injuries happen.  Stubbed toes, menstrual cramps, strained backs, stress, sadness, it all happens. Yep, it is good to accept that these things can and will happen and are part of life.  However, prolonged suffering does not need to be accepted, and in fact tolerating pain and allowing it to persist adds to biological stress, and slows healing from other conditions.

Pain from injuries (accidents, sports, even sleeping funny and waking up with that good ‘ol crick in your neck) can often be rapidly resolved by the ancient art of Acupuncture.

If the injury is new, pain can often be decreased or resolved within a matter of minutes.  Acupuncture is amazing at helping with headaches, menstrual pain, digestive pain, reflux, IBS, low back pain, TMJ, sore knees, sprained ankles, arthritis, carpal tunnel, rotator cuff injuries, whiplash and just about any body pain you can think of.

Acupuncture can also help with anxiety, depression, addictions, stopping smoking, and all those more metaphysical kinds of suffering.
Seriously… why suffer when a few minutes on the table can help so much?  At its best, acupuncture can turn off pain like turning off a faucet.  At minimum it can slowly and gently facilitate the healing process using a painless, non-invasive technique. Complete resolution often takes several treatments, but acupuncture almost always dramatically accelerates the healing process from any injury or source of inflammation.
And guess what else?  Acupuncture plus bodywork (chiropractic and massage techniques) is an even more potent combination.  Add laser therapy, pulsed electromagnetic therapy, trigger point injections, and EWOT, and you have a veritable cocktail of healing and pain relief options, all under one roof.
Addressing pain complaints is my favorite part of health care.  It is so deeply satisfying to have patients that come into my office in pain and leave 45 min later in no pain.  Talk about job satisfaction.