Texas Integrative Medicine | Fatigue
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Are you or someone you love suffering from severe  fatigue which interferes with quality of life?

Extreme life-altering fatigue and exhaustion after minimal exertion is often a sign of severe underlying disease.  This nonspecific condition is not just a deficiency of a stimulant medications, caffeine and other stimulants.   It almost always results from poor sleep,  hormonal imbalance, chronic inflammation and oxidative stress due to lifestyle, diet, stealth infection and environmental toxic factors as influenced by underlying genetic predisposition.  Mitochondrial dysfunction is a frequent contributing cause.  The stress of our modern lifestyle is also huge factor.  At Texas Integrative we take a holistic approach to the many causes that contribute to fatigue and work to restore normal function of cells and tissues that promote real recovery.  We sometimes use prescription medications and bioidentical hormones when we feel that they will contribute significantly to symptom resolution.  Often these medicines are only needed temporarily as the body  recovers.