Texas Integrative Medicine | Digestive Disorders
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Are you suffering from persisting intestinal symptoms of belching, reflux, bloating, diarrhea, constipation and irritable bowel syndrome?

Many of us suffer from these symptoms which are often associated with ongoing inflammation affecting the intestine. This is frequently contributed to by diet intolerance, unhealthy gut bacteria, harmful chemical toxins in food and water as well as nutritional deficiencies.  The inflammation associated with this intestinal disorder often leads to a disorder of gut permeability (“leaky gut”) which allows large protein molecules and even bacteria to pass from our gut into our systemic circulation and hence to distant body parts where cascading inflammation can contribute to a variety of systemic inflammatory conditions including thyroiditis, inflammatory arthritis, degenerative nervous system diseases, cardiovascular disease and autoimmune disease.  Understanding of the underlying causes and correction of the associated abnormalities with a multifaceted approach is necessary to heal the intestinal disorder and thus reduce the associated systemic inflammation.