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Texas Integrative – Our Clinic


INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE is an approach to illness recovery and wellness maintenance that combines traditional Western symptom-based care with holistic and functional care that incorporates treatment of the entire individual. Having first trained in General Medicine and later specializing in Allergy/Ears, Nose and Throat Dr. Taylor is well versed in symptom-based care. For him the incorporation of holistic and functional medicine came due to frustration with the failure of symptom-based care to deal with chronic inflammatory conditions.


CONDITIONS KNOWN TO BENEFIT FROM INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE APPROACH include acne, ADD/ADHD, allergies, arthritis, asthma, audiotory processing disorders, autism spectrum, autoimmune disease, behavioral problems, cardiovascular disease, chronic fatigue, cognitive disorders, chronic sinusitis, dementia, depression and anxiety, digestive disorders, dizziness/vertigo, eczema/psoriasis, fibromyalgia, focus and attention disorders, gluten intolerance, headaches/migraines, hormone imbalance, immune deficiency, irritable bowel disorders, memory disturbance, mitochondrial disorders, mood disorders, neuropathy, sleep apnea/sleep disorders, speech and language disorders, thyroid disorders. Dr. Taylor has over 30 years of clinical experience treating these conditions.


GENES PLUS ENVIRONMENTAL EXPOSURES account for most of the conditions listed above. Dr. Taylor uses genome analysis and functional tests to understand the complex interplay which is unique to each individual. This personalized, bio-individualized approach has resulted in success in treating these problems, maintaining wellness, and reducing the causes of premature aging.


TAYLOR’S MISSION ISwith a constant attitude of compassion, honesty and affordability endeavor to restore each patient’s health and wellness through a thorough understanding and appreciation that disease is a consequence of an individual’s genetic makeup as influenced by the interplay of the individual external environmental stresses to which each one of us is exposed.  Without ignoring the place of traditional prescription drugs in symptom relief be aware and utilize the powerful role of natural substances in enabling each patient’s own healing mechanisms.”