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7 Ways Stress is Killing Us

Common knowledge tells us that when we are under excess stress, we get sick.  In the lastStress-month-photo                                                                                                     30 years scientists have uncovered the various ways that stress actually effects our biology to cause this to happen.  Our bodies were made to handle stress in short bursts of seconds to minutes.  Today’s fast pace causes many of us to remain in a              “stress on” state for hours even days.

1. Stress triggers the adrenal gland to release adrenalin which raises the heart rate and the blood pressure.

2.Stress triggers the adrenal gland to release the stress hormone cortisol which raises our blood sugar levels.

3.Elevated cortisol over time causes the body to gain weight.

4.Stress triggers the release of inflammation-causing chemicals called cytokines.

5.Stress alters our brain chemical balance leading to disrupted sleep patterns.

6.Stress triggers depression of our immune system which makes us susceptible to infection.

7.Stress alters brain chemical balance leading to depression and anxiety.

Although there are prescription medicines designed to reduce or reverse these effects of stress, they all have risks, side effects, and costs.  Nothing beats the best cure for stress: learning to reduce it in our lives.  In PART 2 we will explore some useful ways to reduce and eliminate stress in our crazy, modern age.  At Texas Integrative Medicine we know how STRESS works to rob us of health and joy and we use safe, effective and natural strategies to overcome it.  Call today for your appointment so we can help you beat stress. 512-420-9300

Are You Tired of Recurrent Headaches?

Are you tired of putting a band-aid on your headache?

Do you want to find the root cause of your recurrent headaches?Tension-Headache

Chronic recurrent headache which frequently runs in families may be triggered by inflammation involving brain structures which can be triggered by stress, head injury, brain infection, brain response to environmental toxins and allergic reactions.  There are genetic markers that are associated with increased likelihood of recurrent headache which can now be measured.  There are laboratory markers to assess inflammation and allergy that can help identify the triggers and in many cases take steps to reduce or eliminate them.  Taking a headache relieving medicine like aspirin or ibuprofen may provide short-term symptoms relief yet does little to deal with the underlying cause or prevent future headaches.  At Texas Integrative Medicine we are headache detectives and explore to find and eliminate the triggering causes of recurrent headaches.

The causes of inflammation that trigger headaches are often very similar if not identical to the triggers of many other chronic inflammation-based symptoms including brain fog, depression, chronic fatigue, joint pain, irritable bowel and insomnia.

A medical evaluation at Texas Integrative Medicine will assess your headaches in order to identify the likely causes and we will then take steps to eliminate the root causes.  Often nutrient deficiencies and diet triggers are at fault.  If you need answers, come see us. Call 512-420-9300 for your appointment.   

Metabolic Block Preventing Weight Loss Could Be Hormones

For years after I became a physician I used to believe that weight gain was simply due to eating too much and not exercising enough.  You know- calories in minus calories out, et cetera.  Goodness was I wrong!   I now understand that our tendency to seemingly gain weight just by “looking at  food” regardless of how much time we spend in the gym is in fact caused by a complex process of metabolic change that is a consequence of deficiency and imbalance of the critical hormones made by our pituitary, thyroid, adrenal and ovarian/testicular glands.  Some of these hormone changes are simply a result of getting older, but often these changes are worsened or accelerated by improper diet, environmental toxic chemicals and our stressful modern day “multi-tasking” lifestyle.

I know because I have learned how to help folks restore their bodies to a state where weight loss is able to be achieved and maintained.  I wish I HormoneBlogcould say there is a “magic pill”.   Unfortunately there is not.  In fact all too often pills are part of the problem!  Today I help people return to proper metabolic function through the use of nutritional supplementation, toxic clearance, restoring normal digestion, appropriate management of stress, sleep restoration and often with the use of appropriate  ideal doses of bioidentical hormone replacement.  I have found that  hormones may only need to be prescribed initially and can be tapered once normal gland function can be restored.

Our levels of estrogen, progesterone and testosterone decline substantially starting as early as age 30.  Autoimmune diseases frequently target our hormone-producing organs substantially disrupting hormone output and balance.  We now know that the substantial increase in frequency of these autoimmune conditions is related to our environmental exposures through air, food, water and skin (cosmetics).  The human body was never designed to deal with the quantity of toxins that we encounter in our world today!

By dealing with and correcting the factors that cause hormone deficiency and imbalance we can solve not only remove the metabolic block leading to weight loss, but also improve our moods, our sleep, our energy levels, our sex drive, our focus, our memory and regain a more youthful, vital outward appearance.  I really get a lot of satisfaction out of  teaching folks how to meet this challenge and guiding them through the process.  Anyone can accomplish this with commitment and I assure you it is worth the effort!

Aboutdr_tyler Wally Taylor MD

Dr. Taylor practices integrative medicine at Texas Integrative ENT and Allergy in Austin, Texas.  After obtaining a general medical doctorate degree from University of Texas Southwestern Medical School in Dallas he completed a general medical internship and residency training in head and neck surgery ENT and allergy.  After 20 years service in the US Army Medical Corps and practice in Colorado and Texas he founded Texas Integrative where he now offers a functional holistic approach to disease which treats the entire individual instead of each separate symptom.  He has found more satisfying results using this Systems BioIndividualized approach.  His motto is Health and Wellness from Head to Toe”.   www.texasintegrative.com     office phone-512-420-9300  

Why I Am a Changed Physician

Blog Quote 1

Blog Quote 1

Blog Quote 1

I learned early in life that I wanted to use my God-given abilities as a student of biology and chemistry to help others.   This naturally led me into the medical field.  Good  fortune allowed me to gain entrance into one of the finest medical schools in the country-UT Southwestern in Dallas.  After completing my medical education I had a rewarding career serving US soldiers and their families while serving in the US Army medical corps.

Our family chose to settle  in beautiful Southern Colorado after active military service.  It was there that my life began to change.  I became known among my physician colleagues as the doctor who would tackle the really hard patients.  The ones that nobody else had answers for.  I listened carefully and then applied all the tools that I had in my traditional Western doctor bag.  It soon became clear that I didn’t have all the tools I needed.  Many of my patients were suffering from multi-system chronic disease as a result of environmental exposures (agricultural and mining toxins that were prevalent in our local area).  A quest for answers to these patient’s problems led me  to study the principles of functional medicine.

By applying the elements of functional medicine amazing results were seen.  I saw my patients again experience real disease resolution and maintain their wellness.  Problems in multiple systems just melted away.  Their lists of traditional prescription medicines began to shrink.  The more I learned, the more excited and passionate I became.  Now I have merged everything I learned as a Western doctor with the world of holistic, functional and alternative medicine.  I have learned to combine my skills and abilities with those of others-both traditional and alternative like accupuncture, massage, chiropracty, naturopathy, nutrition, biofeedback, herbal medicine and many other specialties and disciplines of healing.  This way of providing health care requires me to become a wellness detective for my patients.  Every person is slightly different and has there own unique set of disease-causing genetics and environmental stressors.  My practice is more exciting and rewarding than ever.  It is a  blessing for me to bring this approach to health and wellness to Central Texas.

Aboutdr_tyler Wally Taylor MD

Dr. Taylor practices integrative medicine at Texas Integrative ENT and Allergy in Austin, Texas.  He sees children and adults in consulation at his central Austin clinic located at 4107 Medical Parkway Suite 100.  His motto is Health and Wellness from Head to Toe”.   www.texasintegrative.com     office phone-512-420-9300