Texas Integrative Medicine | Bio-Identical Hormones
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Bio-Identical Hormones

Are you suffering from imbalance or deficiency of critical hormones as a result of surgery, infection, autoimmune disease, destructive effects of toxic chemicals, nutrient deficiency or aging?

The interplay of our body’s hormonal messengers is much like a symphony orchestra.  In order to produce the harmonious sound that the composer intended, a number of elements need to be present and appropriately tuned.  For our body’s systems to function in harmony a variety of key hormones must be present in adequate amounts and properly balanced.  This balance is best achieved by utilizing bioidentical versions of our body’s own hormones that are balanced based on symptom optimization as well as laboratory guidance.  Simultaneously care to correct nutritional imbalances, chronic inflammation, free-radical damage,  mitochondrial and cellular dysfunction caused by a buildup of toxic chemicals can contribute to normalization of hormone balance and restore more normal hormone levels.